ISA Training

First UK Data Carpentry workshop

December 2014

Dr. Alejandra Gonzalez-Beltran

We participated in the first UK Data Carpentry workshop, held at the University of Manchester, that was supported by ELIXIR UK. See this blog post from the Software Sustainability Institute for a full recap.


Metagenomics: Managing, Analysing and Visualising Data Course

September 2013

Dr. Philippe Rocca-Serra and Dr. Alejandra Gonzalez-Beltran

Training on data provenance and managing metagenomic data using the ISA-Tab syntax, as part of the European Bioinformatics course on Metagenomics: Managing, Analysing and Visualising Data Course.

Software: ISAcreator, ISAconfigurator and OntoMaton downloadable here

Configurations: ISA ENA MIxS configuration and default multi-assay configuration downloadable here.

Datasets: BII-S-3 and BII-S-7.

Slides: ISA overview and OntoMaton

Hands-on tutorial: instructions document and mapping material


Using the ISA software suite with MetaboLights

European Bioinformatics Institute

The European Bioinformatics Institute has produced a series of online tutorials on how to use the ISA software suite, including ISAcreator, to prepare submissions to the MetaboLights database.


ToxBank Tutorials

ToxBank consortium

The ToxBank consortium offers a series of tutorials for managing toxicogenomcis data.

Some of those tutorials refer to the use of the ISA infrastructure within the ToxBank project:


DiXa Tutorial

Stathis Kanterakis, European Bioinformatics Institute

The Data infrastructure for Chemical Safety (diXa) project prepared training material to show the use of ISA-Tab for consistent study annotation.


Video Tutorials

Dr Philippe Rocca-Serra

A series of video tutorials available in the ISA tools youtube channel.