ISA Tools Blog

25th April 2021
isa4j: a scalable Java library for creating ISA-Tab metadata
2nd March 2018
ISA tooling developed for the metabolomics community
6th December 2017
ISAcreator 1.7.11 now available
28th July 2017
ISAcreator 1.7.10 available now
2nd February 2017
ISAcreator 1.7.9 available now
19th January 2017
ISA Python API version 0.5 milestone
21st October 2016
New ISA Model and Serialization Specifications released!
6th July 2016
Plant Science takes a focus on ISA
15th March 2016
Join the funFAIR!
11th March 2016
Cloudy with a chance of MTBLS
8th February 2016
The ISA team is growing!
26th July 2015
Investigation/Study/Assay, Hacks/Coffee/Cakes
14th November 2014
OntoMaton Add-on for Google Sheets
9th June 2014
Towards a new Sequence Logo Visualization
14th November 2013
BioSharing Profiles automatically assign data with publications
29th August 2013
Getting up and running with the BII Web Application
23rd August 2013
Configuring Links to data files in the BII web app in JBoss 5.x
3rd August 2013
OntoMaton at the International Conference on Biomedical Ontology (ICBO)
18th June 2013
ISAcreator available in GenomeSpace
24th May 2013
Alejandra’s project wins the ORCID Codefest prize
23rd November 2012
New paper on the Metabolights database!
5th October 2012
Risa is out! And available in the Bioconductor 2.11 release…
27th September 2012
New paper! MetaboLights: towards a new COSMOS of metabolomics data management
25th September 2012
Running ISA tools in Mountain Lion, Maverick, or Yosemite
12th September 2012
Eamonn wins the Digital Research 2012 Developer Challenge
13th July 2012
Introducing OntoMaton – Ontology Search & Tagging for Google Spreadsheets
8th June 2012
Alejandra Gonzalez-Beltran Joins the ISA team
27th January 2012
Toward interoperable bioscience data published in Nature Genetics
13th December 2011
Harvard Stem Cell Discovery Engine published in NAR
21st October 2011
Unable to cache bundle exception with Apache felix…
5th September 2011
Compared to what? The ArrayExpress Atlas.
8th June 2011
The MAGE to ISA converter takes an ArrayExpress…
5th January 2011
Creating an ISAcreator WebStart application
13th October 2010
New developments: publication search UI improvements
New developments: Transposed spreadsheet views in ISAcreator…
15th June 2010
Browse & search OLS and BioPortal Seamlessly with ISAcreator and ISAcreator configurator