The MAGE to ISA converter takes an ArrayExpress…

The MAGE to ISA converter takes an ArrayExpress accession and converts it’s associated MAGE-TAB file to ISAtab.

Enter a valid ArrayExpress accession, e.g. E-BUGS-65 to get it’s ISAtab counterpart.

In doing this conversion, this code also cleans up the MAGE-TAB to remove redundant columns, normalise the data structures (split SDRF into a study sample file and assay file) and infer the technologies used in an


Please test it out and let us know which experiments do not convert for you by emailing us at

This is a beta version. Sometimes the conversion will not work as expected since the files served from ArrayExpress may contain some errors. We can detect and clean most of these errors, but for inference of information such as the measurement being observed and the technology used, it can be very difficult since the MAGE-TAB files may have inconsistent annotations or don’t specify the measurement being performed at all.